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Save Money On Postage

How to Save Money on Postage – Bulk Mail Services

Stop licking stamps and paying the top rates for your postage! Let Print Source One send out your mail and save money over doing it yourself. By processing the mail and preparing it properly, we can qualify for automation rates and reduce your postage to the lowest postage rates available.

Clients we’ve helped save on postage:
Church Mailings
Non-profit fund raisers
Charity mailers
Homeowners Associations mailings

Stop paying full price and get a free quotation on how much you could be saving with bulk mail services!

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Examples of the Lowest Postage Rates:
Neighborhood saturation: 13.9¢
Non-profit postage: 7¢
Bar coded zip code: 19¢
Arizona postage: 22¢
National postage: 26¢